Real ou artificial?

Real ou artificial?

Hello again, I haven’t had a guest post here for a while as its proving hard to get copy approved!
I wanted to write about an issue which has been a long running debate for centuries! The Christmas Tree – Real or Artificial! 
It’s funny. I had mentioned many times how I love the fact that we are a multi cultural family, how we get to experience the best of both. But on this topic we had very different views. For me it’s real all the way! I feel it’s a ritual, involving the kids in that process. Very important task choosing the right tree! It must be said I have driven my parents, former housemates and now wife crazy with this. 
Its part of the family! 
Two years ago Breno and I went out and thought we had the perfect tree. We came home all happy. But when we put it up, it took half the living room space up!  So wife sent me packing with my tree in search of another one.
I love the smell of fresh pine, I love the excitement of bringing it in and putting it up. For me, this is the start of Christmas. This year my Vida really pushed for an artificial tree and I have to say as all wives are… was very persuasive…! So, I thought about and decided that maybe I needed to reassess my priorities and compromise! So I did. I went on-line and looked for the perfect artificial tree and I must say found one (50% off as well!). I emailed my Vida to tell her. Then 5 minutes later I got a phone call saying that she was out looking for a real tree for me.  I couldn’t believe it, I was so happy. Not about the tree, but more about the gesture. Not that I need confirmation that I have the most wonderful wife in the whole world… but I felt so lucky.
 I started to think about why a tree was important to me and turns out it’s not the tree itself but what it represented. It’s the memories of having wonderful family Christmases. That’s what I want to give to my kids, like all parents, we do our best to make sure they remember the happy times and memories. With the wonderful Mum they have though I’m sure they will regardless of what tree is there. 
I probably won’t be invited back again before Christmas so I would like to wish you all a Happy Christmas, I hope you all have a wonderful time with your family and friends.
compra de 2011
P.s.:Até o fechamento desse post, nenhuma árvore tinha sido comprada.
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  1. Amei a forma como ele escreveu a respeito. E fiquei muito feliz por vocês terem um ao outro, vocês se completam. Parabéns, que as festas (com qualquer tipo de árvore) sejam repleta desse amor para todos.

  2. Que lindinho! Em alguns momentos os detalhes desse texto deixam de ser um post sobre árvore de natal e se tornam uma verdadeira declaração de amor de ambas as partes (seja por atitudes ou por palavras!)! Muito lindinho mesmo… *_*

  3. I have to admit that, despite of the mess, I love real pine as a x´mas tree. It’s true that the smell is a great deal of the x´mas feel in the house. But, in my family, we usually buy a small pine in a planter, use it for a few years, and than we plant it in the back yard.
    Season´s greetings!

    Hehehehehe! Adorei o post. Eu também gosto do pinheiro de verdade, mas prefiro comprar uma muda, usar por alguns anos, e ai plantar no quintal. Na casa onde meus avós moravam ainda estão vários dos pinheiros, muitos da década de 1950. O melhor de tudo é que suja menos, bem menos.
    Boas festas!!!!

  4. Ká, traduzi por isso curti e me emocionei, linda declaração de amor à vc e à família…Parabéns Eamon. Bjs e que Deus conserve esse Amor!!!!!

  5. Que marido lindo, Congrats Eamon 🙂
    Que fofo ele te chama de Vida,assim mesmo em português,own…
    Send many kisses for him.

  6. Que lindo ! Parabéns !! Fiquei emocionada , sério ! Uma linda declaração de amor !!!

  7. This is beautiful!!!!

  8. Que lindo, que lindo, que lindo 🙂

  9. Rosinhaaa, what lovely message!!! Happy Christmas! xxx

  10. Love can be shown in these everyday tasks!!

    The tree doesnt matter, what you feel for each other is real!

    Best wishes and kisses to all the family,


    PS – I love when Rosinha posts here. You should allow him to do it more often heheh

  11. luciana s. (luciana ehsse)

    Seu Rosinha é super bacana mesmo!!! Família linda a de vcs!!! Beijo pra todos!! e aperto na Mia!! hehe

  12. Que texto mais lindo. Dá para perceber o amor que ele tem por você, pelas crianças e pela família que vocês construiram.

    No Brasil acho que nem existe essa de árvore de verdade, mas deve ser bem bonito. Pelo que vejo lá fora, é a maior disputa para comprar a melhor hehe

    Depois poste o resultado da árvore!!

    Um Feliz Natal para vocês, com muito amor!

  13. Ellen Kotai Costa

    Awww, que lindoooo!!
    Adorei o post! Sim. Porque o amor está nas entrelinhas!

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