In The End Of The Day…

I just can’t believe !
Chloe(my life number3) is nearly a Year Old…the time went by soooo quickly.
She is just an amazing little girl and everyday we are more and more in love with her…she is the apple of dad’s eyes, but she is mummy’s little princess with no doubt !
Breno (my life number one) loves her to pieces and seems everything is working out for all of us.

I couldn’t imagine how my life would be a year ago and I have to say it is too much more than I expected.
Meeting Eamon(my life number2) was the most exiciting thing that could have happened to me…my life was great before Ireland, but became even better with such an amazing guy by my side for better and for worse.
Sometimes I feel ashamed to say how happy I really am, but what can I do if I am blessed with everything that I could ask for ?

Err…Okay, I am still a reluctant housewife .There’s no word or phrase to describe “stay at home” mom that I feel comfortable using (I find most of them are inadequate or insulting), but that’s what I am, for now, not for good, but in the end I smile more than I frown and I laugh more than I complain…This is a happy life,  isn’t ?


  1. Ka, feliz por voce por toda a felicidade que te cerca e pela familia linda que voce tem. Um dia serei eu com toda essa felicidade, se deus quiser! Beijos linda!

  2. It sure is and there can't be no shame about being happy, ever! Just embrace it, you deserve cumadre!! xx

  3. Enjoy, enjoy and enjoy. This is such greatfull and you deserve.


  4. Tava aqui matando o tempo, lendo Cecilia Meireles e achei essa poesia pra vc.


    A vida só é possível

    Anda o sol pelas campinas
    e passeia a mão dourada
    pelas águas, pelas folhas…
    Ah! tudo bolhas
    que vem de fundas piscinas
    de ilusionismo… — mais nada.

    Mas a vida, a vida, a vida,
    a vida só é possível

    Vem a lua, vem, retira
    as algemas dos meus braços.
    Projeto-me por espaços
    cheios da tua Figura.
    Tudo mentira! Mentira
    da lua, na noite escura.

    Não te encontro, não te alcanço…
    Só — no tempo equilibrada,
    desprendo-me do balanço
    que além do tempo me leva.
    Só — na treva,
    fico: recebida e dada.

    Porque a vida, a vida, a vida,
    a vida só é possível

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