The Art of Keeping Stuff…

I’ve never been a keep person.
Maybe my Mum and Dad made a  mistake giving away every single toy that I had when I was small.
In that time I didn’t care , I used to love to give my unwanted things for those who needed them, so,
I was ok with that.

Now, living in Ireland and having In-Laws who had always a gigantic house I feel a little bit jealous , Eamon’s mum  has pretty much the most important toys or clothes they had since he and his sister were little, I even have the bottle he used when he was a baby, how amazing is that ?

 I have to confess that I don’t know if it is a family or an Irish tradition but I will make sure that I will keep the more special things, at least. Like all the cards, pictures and The Grand Slyvanian Family Hotel that Chloe got for her first birthday…Oh, Dear…I always tried to avoid collecting but everything caught my eye with this one… check this out and tell me if they are cute or what !

Well, Her birthday was really special, everybody she likes were there and She got a lot of pressies and enjoyed everything and I’m so Happy for doing this for Her!

Chloe Jackson


  1. Pretty little Chloe.

  2. Fofo demais!! E as fotos ficaram lindas. Teu blog também, gostei do novo visual.

    beijo (e torce por mim, tá quase)

  3. A Chloe ta enorme!!! como passa rápido… =)


  4. Ahh, Chloe is so pretty!! Happy birthday to her [again].
    Breno is as pretty as Chloe, I bet you will have a lot of work, when the girls start to look at him with second intentions. Hehehe
    You must be proud of your beautiful family. I'm so happy for you.

    God bless you all, always. =)

  5. My mom was a person that would keep some throw some but as time went by she lost all…so my sisters and I hardly have any keepsakes from our childhood but I now keep as much as I can from my kids so that they can have when they grow older.

    Beautiful Pics =)

    Much Luv,

  6. So cute! Nice family 😉

  7. Oi Ká as fotos do níver estão bem legais, mas queria ver mais de perto a decoração da mesa…na 1ª foto a Chloe parece uma top model, linda ..linda e cheia de pose. adorei parabéns bjs

  8. que liiiinda!! essas bochechas rosadiinhas sao um charme!! ooooun *___*

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